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This page is an online store of every 'MAM' update and contains links to the two codes lists.


Final updates from Howard J Curtis: 
Please click here for a final update covering the remainder of the book, other than the UK section.

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For more details of 'Military Aircraft Markings',
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Military Aircraft Markings monthly updates online

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UK Military Updates

Click on the Year below to access a zip file containing the updates for that year:
2005: Updates 0 to 11: Click here
2006: Updates 12 to 22: Click here
2007: Updates 23 to 32: Click here
2008: Updates 33 to 43: Click here
2009: Updates 44 to 55: Click here
2010: Updates 56 to 67: Click here
2011: Updates 68 to 79: Click here
2012: Updates 80 to 91: Click here
2013: Updates 92 to 103 Click here
2014: Updates 104 to 115: Click here
2015: Updates 116 to 127: Click here
2016: Updates 128 to 139: Click here
2017: Updates 140 to 151: Click here
2018: Updates 152 to 163: Click here
2019: Updates 164 to 175: Click here
2020: Updates 176 to 187: Click here
2021: Updates 188 to 199: Click here
2022: Updates 200 to 204: Click here


Vintage Updates

To access all the vintage updates, click on the zip file here


Military Aircraft Markings updated base list and codes lists

UK codes list: Click here
Overseas codes list:
Click here


Keeping Up To Date ...

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Military Aircraft Markings on

To join: Send a blank e-mail to
Please note that this list will be a low volume list
(3 or 4 e-mails per month) solely to notify of new updates to MAM.


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